The Dynamic Emergency Response (DER) solution enables hospitals to streamline the process of effectively responding and treating an emergency by leveraging Dynamic Case Management to offer dynamic and configurable workflows, effective collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders, real-time visibility into the case, and superior user experience through a modern, mobile-enabled app.

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Key Drivers for Emergency Response

When an emergency is received at a hospital, the most critical aspects include — timeliness of the response, flexibility in defining the workflow to resolve the emergency, the collaboration between all stakeholders and real-time visibility into the most updated information while maintaining statutory SLA compliance.



Every minute can save a life


Configurable Protocols

Dynamic workflows based on type of emergency



Active collaboration between all stakeholders


Progress Visibility

Real-time visibility into status of patient care journey


SLA Compliance

Accurate monitoring and reporting of SLA compliance

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Emergency Response Pain Points

Emergency Response Pain Points

Emergency Response is often burdened with rigid workflows, lack of transparency into the case, silos created by disparate systems, lack of effective collaboration and information sharing among the stakeholders.

Rigid Manual Workflows

ER activities are often hard-coded in systems and offer minimal flexibility to tailor them to a specific case

Lack of Clear Visibility

Activities are executed and tracked manually through phone calls/emails/excel sheets leading to lack of real-time visibility into the case

Disparate and Siloed Systems

Process is executed using multiple systems as there is no unified system to govern all processes at once leading to information silos

Loss of Productivity

Due to dearth of real-time visibility, often one resource waits for the other resulting into loss of productivity and time

Patient Caretakers not Informed

Relatives and caretakers of patient experience delays in getting reliable and timely updates about the progress

Manual/Inefficient Collaboration

No streamlined mechanism for all stakeholders to collaborate effectively in real time

Streamlined and Collaborative Emergency Response

Powered by Dynamic Case Management

The Dynamic Emergency Response solution addresses the above pain points by automating the process using Dynamic Case Management to provide real-time agility in terms of workflow, collaboration, process transparency, and status progression. The Protocol Configurator provides a flexible mechanism to dynamically configure the sequence of tests and consultations needed to address each type of emergency.

It provides the ER team with a modern, mobile-enabled app for seamless collaboration, multi-channel notifications, HL7 integration with EMR systems, real-time dashboards and SLA monitoring.


Key Highlights

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