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Automate processing of requests to support clinical trial execution using Low-code, BPM and RPA.

Managing access to systems and resources involved in a clinical trial is critical for a Life Sciences company. The User Access Management (UAM) solution empowers you to securely manage and track access to services and resources for various stakeholders within and outside the organization to support clinical trials. The seamless automation of this process results in ease of access for users, transparency around providing and revoking access, increased security, detailed analytical reports, increased productivity and improved cycle time.

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Traditional method of handling access requests

Typically, users within an organization raise requests for access to applications via traditional channels like a help-desk ticket system or via email. These requests are processed by an administrator or the asset owner. This traditional approach to request and grant access takes time, reduces productivity, and in some cases, creates security risks.

Access requests raised via email result in poor visibility and accountability from the time access is requested until it is approved/denied. Extensive manual tracking of requests is required if the request needs to be modified.

The traditional approach of handling access requests raises the following challenges:

  • Reliance on emails and Excel-based requests
  • No automated reporting of access requests cycle times
  • Time-consuming, non-standardized process to determine the applications that are to be provisioned for a user
  • Manual and repetitive work involved in provisioning each application, making it error-prone and inefficient
  • Lack of visibility into the current status of an access request

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Automated UAM powered by BPM and RPA

The UAM solution from Princeton Blue leverages Business Process Management (BPM), Low-code application development and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the existing manual process with a modern business application that provides a rich, mobile-enabled user experience. It enables users to create access requests based on business roles by filling an intuitive form or uploading the details in an Excel template for automated processing.

Once the request is initiated, the UAM solution:

  • Retrieves the list of applications along with access level, based on the selected business role for each user.
  • Follows the business process for approvals and provisioning to complete the request.
  • Notifies the requester when the request is complete.

All access requests progress with complete transparency for the requester and system administrator. All users have access to their own requests while system administrators can see all access requests.

User Access Management – Traditional vs UAM Solution

Traditional Excel Form UAM Solution
Reliance on emailing of Excel UAM Form containing access request for internal resources The UAM solution enables users to directly submit access requests via a workflow-based solution
Requester must navigate detailed Module / Environment / Role Matrix to determine how to generate a request Requesters select Business Role in a request, and the UAM solution automatically assigns the applications to be provisioned for the user
Internal study team must receive and process user requests and provide ‘approval’ via email to the Provisioning Administrator Users can directly request access for their resources and the request will automatically route to the appropriate Team Lead for approval
Cycle time measurement for provisioning and deprovisioning are manual Access request cycle times are captured in an automated manner
All UAM requests are manually entered The UAM solution allows upload of access requests via Excel resulting in a faster turnaround time

To summarize, UAM provides the following capabilities:

  • Users can directly submit access requests via a workflow-based solution.
  • Users only need to select a business role and study, which the system maps to the access needed for the appropriate applications.
  • Requesters, admins, and business owners can all view the status of relevant requests with varying levels of visibility based on permissions.
  • All necessary files and emails needed for provisioning are generated automatically.
  • Automated reporting provides real-time assessment of bottlenecks and process inefficiencies for continuous improvement.
  • Shorter turnaround times.

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