This leading energy provider faced challenges with auditing revenue meters for mandated compliance testing. Princeton Blue’s laser-sharp focus on addressing key pain points clubbed with experience in leveraging Apian features helped integrate a solution effortlessly and seamlessly.

Business Need

This leading energy provider required an automated registration and audit tool for collection and approval of master data across various organizations.

  • Process was entirely manual inefficient and relied on legacy systems
  • Slower and error-prone compliance audit process
  • Poor visibility over consumption and requirement of electrical quantities

The current Appian solution implemented by Princeton Blue focused on the following:

    Automated audit process and initiation
    System-generated compliance audit report
  • Quicker closure of audit with minimal manual processes
  • Easy access to report
  • Fast and easy compliance check
  • Better visibility of entire audit process

Successfully automated the meter installation audit process through BPM Records and Workflows, providing visibility and conformance monitoring for each request.

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