This leading energy provider needed a fully-integrated automated Reporting and Messaging Tool developed and integrated with existing Appian and other platforms. Princeton Blue collaborated with the clients to deliver a swift, automated and cost-effective solution.

Business Need

This leading energy provider required an efficient and effective messaging process to deliver critical messages across stakeholders built on the Appian platform.
  • Process was inefficient and relied on traditional and legacy systems
  • Lack of interaction between various required databases.

The current Appian solution implemented by Princeton Blue focused on the following:

  • Creation of a fully-integrated automated Reporting and Messaging Tool
  • Portal with a rich UI to enter and upload data via excel files
  • Optimized integration and access across various databases and user portals
  • Fully-automated generation of reporting data
  • Added process management features to the business user
  • Faster access to reporting data
  • Reduced cycle-times

Published 100+ Advisory Messages monthly to the RSS Feeds and Corporate Website and provided hourly updates to production forecasts in real-time using BPM Forms and Integrations.

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