This leading bank had challenges collating and coordinating key customer information with their existing process and legacy system. Princeton Blue helped the client address these challenges by making strategic changes and leveraging technology to reduce errors in documentation making the process efficient overall.

Business Need

The client manages customer information account updates through a Customer Information File (CIF) process. They have a number of legacy banking systems in which customer account changes need to be coordinated. The goal was to provide a reliable, quick turnaround to the customer in processing changes across all applicable systems.
  • Poor control and visibility of requests
  • Documents tediously managed manually via emails
  • Excessive missing information and rework
  • Overall customer information errors and limited accountability

The current deployed by Princeton Blue solution brings the process into a controlled environment with the focus on:

  • Reduction in missing information and re-work through guided screen-flows with required fields
  • Reduction in keyboarding/entry errors through effective usage of Appian templates
  • Establishment of key performance indicators
  • Overall improvement in customer satisfaction from the reduction in errors
  • Prioritization rules for work queues
  • Robust tempo-based reports for continuous process-and team improvement

Increased customer satisfaction by eliminating manual entry errors in customer information through BPM Forms.

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