This global bank was in dire need of a stellar BPM program rollout across all their business verticals. Princeton Blue redefined and redesigned their entire process while leveraging Agile methodology.

Business Need

This leading Global Bank with assets nearing $25 Trillion in Custody need BPM Program rolled out with Agile methodology. Over the years, their business areas span across Wealth Management Processes, Global Investment Services – Cash Reconciliation Exception Handling, International Settlements and Clearing, Asset Services, and BPM COE
  • Business Processes embedded in to legacy applications
  • No visibility into process execution
  • Not scalability and other performance issues
  • Lack of flexibility and hard coded rules

The current solution deployed by Princeton Blue leveraged Agile methodology with a focus on:

  • Business requirements harvesting from legacy applications
  • Combining with new business requirements
  • Modern approach to solution
  • Agile methodology to execute large BPM Program
  • Significant efficiency through automation
  • Ability to review, verify and authorize many new initiatives in parallel
  • 60% asset reuse
  • Significant reduction in development cost
  • Faster time to market
Redefined and redesigned the entire business process across all verticals for a global bank.

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