This leading pharmaceutical company required assistance with setting up a process to comply with Physician Payment Sunshine Act (PPSA) in a time-bound manner. Princeton Blue designed the process making it completely automated and faster.

Business Need

Compliance with PPSA requires pharmaceutical companies to report all applicable transfers of value to federal government within 14 days. Required Business Meetings Over Meals (BMOM) data is scattered across multiple organizations and applications making it difficult to collate and submit information on time.

100% PPSA compliance was challenging due to:

  • Manual process with clunky handoffs
  • Poor visibility across end-to- end process
  • Software providing this functionality was no longer supported by vendor

The current solution implemented by Princeton Blue focused on the following result areas:

  • Automated requisition request and generation of purchase order (PO) sent to a vendor
  • Submission of Invoice post-delivery of goods or services
  • Quicker Invoice review, approval and payment release process.
  • Achieved a systematic way to obtain goods or services in a timely manner
  • Reduced cycle-times
  • Reduced overheads

Mobile enabled BPM forms and workflows facilitated 100% compliance under Physician Payment Sunshine Act.

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