This leading pharmaceutical company aimed to improve their previously human-intensive order fulfillment and management process. Princeton Blue re-designed the process and workflow, focused on key challenges and pain-points that resulted in significantly shorter turnaround time.

Business Need

The clients primary goal was to reduce bulk of the manual work, provide automation by multiple integration points, reducing the end-customer’s wait time for order approvals on various Chemicals and Lab-ware orders.
  • Pain Points
  • Solution
  • Benefits
  • Extremely Long End-to- end Cycle Time from the Customer Placing an Order, through the Validation Process, to the order shipment process
  • Typical cycle-time was approximately 3 weeks

The current solution deployed by Princeton Blue eliminated various human-centric tasks, while supplying process automation via:

  • Research and Validation Effort for Agents
  • Internal Denied Party List DB Queries
  • Us Denied Party List DB Queries
  • Web-service Legit Business look-ups via APIs
  • Web-service "Ship To" Address lookups via APIs
  • Highly efficient business process with end -to-end integrations allowed key contributors to focus on their other important daily activities
  • Overall cycle time reduced from 3 weeks to under 1 week.

Significantly reduced customer order processing times from 3 weeks to under 1 week by orchestrating a variety of services into a unified business process, automated using BPM.

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