Princeton Blue Helps a Global Life Sciences Company Manage Access to Systems and Resources Involved in a Clinical Trial.


About the Client

The client is a global Life Sciences company committed to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. They are a Fortune 500 company with more than 30,000 employees.


Efficiently managing access to systems and resources is critical for timely decision making in a clinical trial. The traditional approach of creating access requests via email or a ticket is very burdensome and tedious and leaves room for human errors due to the sheer volume, types and complexity of access requests – as well as manually adding, deleting, and modifying authorizations. It also results in long cycle times, delays provisioning and deprovisioning, lacks a proper audit trail, and increases the risk of data security breaches.

Business Challenge

  • Pain Points
  • Solution
  • Benefits

Lack of automation in handling request forms resulted in the following challenges:

  • Tedious and error-prone process of requesting access via Excel and email
  • Requester must navigate a detailed study/role-based matrix to generate a request
  • The study team receives and processes user requests and provide their ‘approval’ via email to the Provisioning Administrator
  • Cycle time measurement for provisioning and deprovisioning are manual

Princeton Blue built User Access Management (UAM) solution using Low-code Process Automation platform. Instead of requesting access to a specific system or application for every user, the solution allows to specify the end user’s role in the study and it automatically determines the appropriate access needed based on the study and role. Of course, UAM ensures appropriate approvals are secured before access is granted. Key highlights of the solution are listed below:

  • The UAM solution allows users to request access via a portal and manages it via a workflow-based solution
  • Requester selects his/her business role and the study they are working on, and UAM assigns the appropriate applications that need to be provisioned
  • Users can directly request access for their resources and the request will automatically route to the appropriate Team Lead for approval
  • Access request cycle times are captured in an automated manner
  • A robot provisions the access in the appropriate back end systems. In case of exceptions, the robot notifies the administrator and takes over after the exception has been resolved
  • All requests in the system can be tracked and reported. The solution also provides an analytics dashboard to gain insights into the overall approval process
  • 2,500+ Access Requests Processed
  • 2019 Mean Cycle Time: 1.4 days
  • 2019 Median Cycle Time: 0.5 days
  • 16,000+ Total Users Provisioned
  • Supports 1800+ Requesters

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