Appian World 2022

April 25-27, 2022

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Princeton Blue at Appian World 2022

Princeton Blue is proud to be a sponsor again at Appian World 2022. We are excited to finally meet you in person and invite you to visit us at Booth 612.

Explore how you can automate, integrate and modernize your strategic processes while simplifying and enhancing customer experience with the Appian Low-code platform.

Spotlight Session

Synthesizing a Complex Ecosystem in Clinical Data Management

Donald Thampy Merck

Donald Thampy

Director, Clinical Data Management, Global Clinical Data Integration, Merck

Donald is a Director in Global Clinical Data Integration (GCDI). Read more

Scott Komarinski Merck

Scott Komarinski

Associate Director, Delivery Lead, Merck Research Labs Information Technology, Merck

Scott is an IT Delivery Lead with 20 years of experience at Merck. Read more

Pramod Sachdeva Princeton Blue

Pramod Sachdeva

Founder and Managing Director

Pramod Sachdeva is the Founder and Managing Director at Princeton Blue. Read more

Changes in clinical trials are continuous and multifarious. Regulatory standards, platform changes, changes to protocol, and libraries that are maintained for data collection, to name a few. Multiple organizations, roles, and governance forums need to weigh in on these changes. The deliverables are composite in their structure in both accountability and responsibility. Priorities in the portfolio are constantly changing and capacity is always finite and increasing capacity takes time. In this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment how do we effectively manage change? A technology platform for business with configurable Low-code workflow could provide a strategic impetus. This is an attempt in that direction!

Explore Industry Solutions

The Princeton Blue Innovation Lab uses our expert knowledge of the Appian platform to deliver automation solutions in a variety of industries. These pre-built Appian solutions leverage Low-code, BPM, Dynamic Case Management and RPA technologies, and can give your organization a jumpstart in your Low-code process automation journey:

Temperature Excursion

Monitor, detect and automate the handling of temperature excursions seamlessly using Low-code Process Automation and IoT.

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Lab Experiment Automation

This fully integrated, mobile-ready enterprise solution augments your existing Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and other legacy laboratory systems to improve and modernize the laboratory experience.

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User Access Management

Automate processing of requests to support clinical trial execution using BPM, Low-code and RPA.

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Leverage Low-code, BPM and RPA to automate the entire workflow and orchestrate collaboration with various stakeholders to process label changes.

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Drug Safety

Automate the processing of adverse event signals through effectively logging and investigating drug safety issues by leveraging BPM and Low-code.

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Dynamic Emergency Response

Streamline the triage between hospital nurses, doctors and ambulance EMT when a 911 call comes in regarding a medical emergency.

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Dynamic Procurement Workflow

Automate workflow and collaboration while providing the Procurement Team with the flexibility to adapt to the unique procurement needs of the product and services purchased.

Build a Proof of Concept

You may qualify to use our Innovation Lab to build your Proof of Concept before you invest in Low-code Process Automation technologies. Build your POCs quickly before you make a financial commitment. Visit the Princeton Blue booth and brainstorm with our team of Appian experts to see what works best for you. This is a very popular service from the Princeton Blue Innovation Lab and is used by many of our clients.

Talk to us if you have a use case in mind.

Leverage our Deep Appian Expertise

Princeton Blue has been a trusted Appian Implementation and solution development partner for 13 years. In 2009, we teamed up with Appian to deliver best-in class automation solutions and have successfully delivered 335 solutions during this time. Our Appian teams in the US and India provide a cost-effective delivery model.

Appain World Appian Projects 2022

Visit us at Booth 612 and meet our team of Appian experts to understand how we can help you make the most of your Appian investment.

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