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BPM and Rules Engines

Much ado has been made about the inclusion of “rules engines” within modern BPM suites, but all rules engines aren’t created equal. Some rules engines are similar in concept to what used to be commonly called “expert systems” and are as a result both more powerful and more complex than the rules engines that are …

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iBPMS – Right for Your Enterprise?

Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for BPM attempts to change the game by evaluating BPM tools’ alignment with their vision of “IBO” (Intelligent Business Operations) rather than BPM tools’ core process modeling and execution capabilities. This means that Gartner expects the following additional capabilities – at minimum – to be a part of any BPM suite, …

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The whispers are getting louder and the proclamations more brazen… BPMS vendors believe their packages can replace SAP and other ERP systems. Are they right? Lets find out. BPMS vs. ERP: Motivation behind the Thought First, let’s take a brief look at the motivation behind this movement. Industry analysts in aggregate peg annual BPMS market …

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Principles of Lean Six Sigma are Drivers for BPM success (Part 1)

Enterprises have created pockets of automation and process improvement using BPM, Lean Six Sigma and numerous data repositories. All these methodologies, automation and data repositories do not deliver an efficient and agile end-to-end business process management solution. Current IT infrastructure does not address the fact that business process will continue to change at a rapid …

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Cloud Security and the Role of Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt

Today’s companies are understandably concerned about securing their systems and their employees’ and customers’ data; unfortunately, however, that concern is slowing the adoption of shared computing tools and techniques, which are commonly referred to these days using the “cloud” buzzword. Within this article, I’ll illustrate that there is no measurable difference between the level of …

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BPM and SOA Synergy

This is my first installment into the BPM and SOA Synergy topic. There are many resources discussing this topic and one would expect that most important issues are well understood and described. However, some key concepts are often presented in a way that leaves a room for interpretation and, therefore, may cause confusion. This is …

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Social Business Collaboration

Your customers are talking about your business every day. Do you have provisions for Social Business Collaboration in your process? Are you listening to what they’re saying? They talk about their experiences with your products and services. They give you the blueprint to improve your business, and they are influenced – every day – by their peers …

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