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SOA and what it means to Business

Technology is changing at a rapid pace in the current business environment and businesses have to make sure that their technology implementations support the latest IT trends but only those which are absolutely needed to boost their business and provide greater return on investments. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a latest trend which promises to …

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BPM – Bridging the Business-IT gap

“There is nothing permanent except change” – Heraclitus, 6th Century BC. To lead in the business environment is to embrace change. There is a dire need to minimize the Business-IT gap. In most organizations, senior executives and developers struggle with one common factor – the “UNKNOWNS”, and they primarily suffer because of the following underlying reasons: Patch …

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Business Process Life-cycle

A business process is a set of activities, tasks and events performed by systems and people to achieve a business goal. Commissioning a process involves several steps ranging from the ideation of the process through the building, and continuous improvement of the process – this is typically referred to as the business process life-cycle of …

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SOA Readiness Assessment

Service Oriented Architecture is now a common concept, it appeals to common sense, and its not hard to see the reason for it. But, before rushing into a big-bang implementation of SOA, an organization needs to go through a self-assessment to understand where to start, and what to expect. Here is a basic guide for …

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