Measuring Business Value & Consultant Value with Appian A-Scores

At Princeton Blue, we believe in the power of capturing Business Metrics to Measure Business Value- delivering the highest possible return on investment (ROI) with your BPM-Driven Custom Application.

Great metrics are the proof in the business case for any BPM solution’s ROI, and it is a thread that runs deep in our organization, as a leading BPM Services Provider, proudly recognized by both Forrester and Gartner for our expertise in delivering customer driven applications.

One definition of business metrics that I feel resonates with our approach is from celebrated Tech writer Margaret Rouse: “A business metric is any type of measurement used to gauge some quantifiable component of a company’s performance, such as return on investment (ROI), employee and customer churn rates, revenues, EBITDA, and so on. Business metrics are part of the broad area of business intelligence, which comprises a wide variety of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions.”

Princeton Blue’s Pillars for Measuring Business Value across our Appian BPM-Driven Custom Application are as followed:

  1. Increasing customer satisfaction
  2. Growing revenue
  3. Reducing risk
  4. Lowering costs

Supporting these value pillars are the collection of metrics come together to allow you to gain visibility into the data driven case for the value the Appian platform is delivering to your organization

  1. Reduction in time taken to complete a task
  2. Reduction in time taken to complete a process (Process Cycle Time)
  3. Report Generation Time
  4. Percentage of compliance
  5. Increase in number of requests
  6. Decrease in number of customer complaints
  7. Time to respond to a customer
  8. Number of users accessing information via mobile

Note: These are not all-inclusive, and each unique solution will have different metrics that aligns to, can be added to, or deleted from those unique Appian solutions. The above is simply a solid starting point.

Our own culture is continuous business process improvement, and we believe and encourage in the ongoing effort to provide increased transparency into how we, as an Appian Partner are also measured.

Welcome to the Appian A-Scores for trusted Appian partners.

What is an Appian “A-Score”?

Appian assigns A-Scores to Appian practitioners to help customers identify the resources best-suited to assist with an Appian project or program. Appian A-Scores are a numerical evaluation of individuals within Appian partner organizations, based on these core components:

  • Level of Appian Certification, such as
    • Designer Certified (formally ACAD-1)
    • Lead Designer Certified (formally ACAD-2)
  • Assessment of overall quality and individual contribution to prior Appian deployments
  • Level of contribution to the Appian community

A-Scores allow our customers to evaluate our practitioner’s proficiency in Appian technology and methodology, their established quality of delivery, and their degree of involvement in Appian’s customer and partner ecosystem.

So, How does Princeton Blue Stack-Up?…extremely well, or should I say “Elite”.

Princeton Blue’s Appian practice prides itself on maintaining our certifications on the latest Appian releases, while completing end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) solutions on high value projects, while engaging the Appian community as thought leaders.

As of this writing, our Appian practice is 100% Elite certified, and the breakdown of our Appian A-Scores is shown below.

Appian A-Score and Certifications | Princeton Blue

These desired practice behaviors of certification, solution delivery and community contributions has led to our elite Appian A-Scores status of Silver Elite, Gold Elite, and Platinum Elite as defined during Appian’s Partner Forum during Appian World 2015.

Continuing the Conversation!

In summary, Appian’s A-Scores initiative aligned perfectly with Princeton Blue’s core principles and was welcomed by both Princeton Blue and our Appian clients alike. Let’s continue this conversation by a live or remote demo of one of our solutions from Princeton Blue Labs, so you may see first-hand, BPM innovation and thought leadership, through real customer problems that we have helped solve by applying technology; please also visit our website at and request us to contact you or contact us at (908) 369-0961. Follow Princeton Blue on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ to get focused BPM-specific updates.

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