Social Business Collaboration

Your customers are talking about your business every day. Do you have provisions for Social Business Collaboration in your process? Are you listening to what they’re saying? They talk about their experiences with your products and services. They give you the blueprint to improve your business, and they are influenced – every day – by their peers and by your competitors. Where is this occurring? It’s occurring on social networking sites. Your competitors may already have a presence on Facebook or Twitter, and they may be gathering information from those sites to gain competitive advantage or even interacting with your customers. If your business isn’t, it’s likely missing out on an opportunity and failing to establish a foundation based on the most disruptive market shift of the 21st century.

Need for Social Business Collaboration

Social networking is the new, 21st-century medium for marketing and customer outreach. It’s replacing Madison Avenue, as companies realize that they can more effectively target their desired markets through social networks. Why spend millions on a 30-second ad spot that takes months to air and can’t be shared freely, when you can spend a fraction of that amount on advertising via social networks, where that advertising can be shared or “Retweeted” thousands or even millions of times? Why attempt to reach out to customers to address concerns via mass media when you can contact them directly, addressing their specific, targeted needs or concerns and increasing outreach effectiveness or even customer conversion rates?

You may have read the first two paragraphs and decided that you need to start to harness the power of the social networks for your business. Or you may have read the first two paragraphs and thought that your organization is doing OK but could be doing more. In either case, you need a tool that can help you extend your enterprise beyond the four walls and into the social web. There are many tools out there that can help you do this, but there’s one offering out there that can help you effectively harness the power of social networking for customer outreach within just weeks, and that’s the joint Social Business Collaboration offering from Collective Intellect and Princeton Blue.

This Social Business Collaboration (SBC) offering is made up of two components. The first is Collective Intellect’s CI:Insight product, which provides class-leading social data mining and text analytics capabilities to extract the relevant data from the social networks based on your organization’s needs. The second is Princeton Blue’s 1Voice Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which provides the tools necessary to properly utilize that data and integrate it into your existing systems.

How would you use this offering? Let’s say for example that you’re launching a new product and are interested in what your customers are saying about that product via Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites. You would enter the topic of interest into SBC and train the search to find the right interpretation of your intended topic. You would instantly begin receiving information posted on the social web relevant to your topic, and 1Voice would give you the ability to review and respond to individual posts from prospective and current customers as well as the ability to consume that data and integrate it into your internal systems. Using this Social Business Collaboration offering, you can leapfrog your competition and truly extend your enterprise into the social networks.

Read more about Princeton Blue’s solution Unified Customer View that leverages Social Business Collaboration to help business get deeper insights via their customers social interactions.

Please contact Princeton Blue at [email protected] for more detail or for a demo of this Social Business Collaboration offering. Feel free to engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ to get updates about BPM and related technologies.

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