Social BPM with Pega 7

Business Process Management brings to you all the goodness of being able to create, modify & constantly monitor your processes. BPM has technologies to get things done faster & better. It is to create optimal processes and have capability to constantly change & improve the process on the fly. Where a Business process manager steps in any time and tweaks the scaling parameters to achieve a goal. Changing how performance is measured and monitored. With increasing competition, a Manager would like his team to be more involved in performing & delivering quality in time. Getting ‘Social’ into BPM acts as a catalyst to getting you what you need.

Social BPM’, this word has been making its rounds for quite a while now. Being Social is about interacting with your people far more seamlessly and within the context. Social BPM helps people connecting more easily and quickly, driving towards a single goal of Business Process excellence. We are all social animals and love being together most of the times. I see this smooth blend in PegasystemsPegaRules Process Commander (PRPC), a powerful rules engine for BPMS that has brought a new way to look at work while you are socially involved with your team. Real time streaming of what’s happening, even posting to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In through your work portal.

Social BPM and PRPC

Here is a look at some awesome features in PRPC that enable Social BPM.

When I am under work pressure, I reach out to my colleagues for assistance. We tend to not see the obvious when under stress of deadlines. At a click I connect with peers online. We chat, we discuss, we sort out, and we succeed. List of members working on my project is always handy as my Pega pulse gadget displays on the screen, people belonging to my workgroup. It’s always easy to reach out to a single person or simply broadcast a message that I wanted to convey, leave aside opening my outlook & entering recipients.

It’s now easier to keep track of a case by following it. Simply, choose the case and click ‘Follow’, something we are used to while using Facebook or Twitter. You keep getting information about every update that occurs on the Case. You no longer have to search a case browse through its long list of history trails. As soon as the case has a status change, you are informed. Just open & check for yourself when it is happening. Provide your comments, feedback, and expert advice at the spur of the moment. No going back and forth doing iterations. Say I am a bank manager and I want to closely monitor transactions with more than $50,000. I will simply tag such cases together. I can use tags to classify, group, manage, and report on tagged cases. Tags can indicate trends and help extend any application to project data in a better way. Tags are useful in flagging cases, they can also be used to group or categorize open or resolved items in any way a person likes. We all have different styles of learning & working. Such features surely boost up the way we perform with more customization under our belt.

There’s nothing like being able to work in a team, being part of common goal. Team members can now work in collaboration. Many a times we feel confused or get stuck over a decision. Need immediate assistance from experts? Check whose online in your workgroup, ping and you connect. Chat into the work portal, keep it private or involve the entire group. In the true sense helping out electronically. Convenience cannot be better than being able to show your screen to a team mate who is sitting in the next building or across the ocean. See exactly as the owner sees, being able to select & control, help on the finger tips. Just minutes to get you to a decision. Broadcast an update to your team quickly. All this is now possible with Social BPM. Work is fun, collaboration adds a new angle to work that would have otherwise been quite mundane. Share documents, screenshots, url at a blink & also keep a track of it within your very work application, no opening any other apps.

Social networks have always kept the users hooked to them. Having ‘Social BPM’ is going to keep your team focused on the goal, perform better, not to forget the rapport that we just built connecting with our people.

At the end it’s a team work & it shows in the performance that’s soared high. Social BPM is setting trends.

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