Leveraging our experience in Regulatory Information Management (RIM) across a variety of use cases with Pharmaceutical clients, Princeton Blue is leading the charge to deliver a full set of RIM components. With a flexible framework architecture, these components can be easily customized to provide a tailored solution . Leverage the power of BPM and Rules from Appian to make your RIM processes world class.

Pharmaceutical Clients can now successfully:

  • Manage products across all countries
  • Obtain and maintain approvals
  • Manage required documentation
  • Track and collaborate on key Milestones
  • Record and provided evidence for audits

Today’s Disconnected RIM

Pharmaceutical companies have large number of different departments and groups interacting with regulatory agencies across the globe in different ways. The scope of documents and variations is huge, and it is hard to get visibility while ensuring quality is maintained uniformly across the enterprise.

Tomorrow’s RIM is Connected

Our vision for RIM is outside-in. We have leveraged our knowledge in the pharmaceutical space to help connect your regulatory management into areas that previously may have been disconnected or out of sync from your core RIM activities. Using Appian ability to bring together data in new and exciting ways, that functionally represent the business rather than the IT system it happens to be stored in.

Key Highlights

Make your RIM processes reliable, scalable, flexible and low-maintenance with our World Class RIM solution. RIM, empowered by Appian’s Application Development platform, seamlessly brings disparate systems together, provides an end-to- end visibility and makes your RIM process agile and flexible.

RIM Roadmap

Princeton Blue has a long-term roadmap for our World Class RIM solution. The roadmap is divided into three different “Waves”. We have released Wave 1 to our clients. We are now rapidly building the components for Wave 2.

World Class RIM in Action

  • world-class-rim1-res
  • world-class-rim2-res
  • world-class-rim3-res
  • world-class-rim4-res

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