Superior User Experience for IBM BPM with Lightning UX Toolkit

I have been using the online banking application from a large bank for our corporate account for many years now. For the most part, it does its job well, but once in a while, there are hiccups. While I have not been a big fan of it, I did not have major complaints either. Recently, a relatively newer bank where I have my personal account launched a new Mobile Banking App. I tried it and realized how pleasant an otherwise mundane looking experience banking could be. I now want the same experience with my corporate banking account as well. The problem is, our bank does not even have a decent mobile app for Corporate Banking.

This leaves me with the thought of exploring a new bank for our corporate needs. I am not alone!

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, customers demand superior experience when using your product and services. The user interfaces must be easy to understand, clutter free, intuitive and beautiful. A rich and interactive User Interface contributes significantly to a great user experience.

Rich User Interface for BPM?

Building a rich, interactive and graphical User Interface for BPM applications usually requires custom JavaScript coding. Alternatively, some customers build their UI separately and integrate it with BPM via API’s – again, not a “best practices” approach. BPM Platforms have traditionally excelled at modeling processes and integrating those processes with legacy systems, however, most BPM platforms lack the ability to provide rich, interactive and response user experience. A sleek, modern User Experience designed for today’s devices often requires custom coding with JavaScripts, Cascading Style Sheets, and other custom UI components. While this approach can get you exactly what you want, it has many challenges:

  • Takes longer time to implement
  • Level of effort and implementation costs are high
  • Custom coding also presents challenges for future upgrades

The Lightning UX Toolkit for IBM BPM

Princeton Blue’s Lightning User Experience Toolkit for IBM BPM provides a library of out-of-the-box UI components that help you build rich user experiences in a short period of time. With Lightning, you can create a modern, responsive user experience for your BPM applications quickly without writing custom code. Lightning gives you the best of both the worlds.

Lightning offers a vast library of out-of-the-box UI components, including highly interactive grids, drillable charts, special calendar controls, collapsible panes, tabs, sliders and many more, all of which are compatible with today’s mobile devices. The powerful data grid as an example empowers users with Excel-like advanced data visualization, filtering, sorting, searching, pagination and data export.

Lightning components are fully customizable and responsive on multiple form factors. This approach also ensures an easy upgrade path when a new version of IBM BPM is released. Princeton Blue will ensure Lightning stays compatible with the newer versions of the IBM BPM platform.

lightning-in-action - screenshot

Leverage Princeton Blue’s Lightning UX Toolkit, and take your IBM BPM user experience to the next level. Building a rich, responsive and interactive user experience for your applications has never been this quick and easy!

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We will be showcasing the Lightning UX toolkit and many other exciting solutions from Princeton Blue at IBM InterConnect 2016. More details here:

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