BPM Implementation


BPM Core Competencies

Hashtag time… #BigData. #Mobile. #Social. #Rules. #HistoricalReporting. #PredictiveAnalytics. #ComplexEventProcessing. #Portals. #Solutions. #InternetOfThings. Some of the hashtags above are trending, and some were either trending long ago or long before Twitter, Google+, or Facebook came into existence. Regardless, all of them have their respective places in today’s modern enterprise, and all of them can be valuable …

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BPM and Rules Engines

Much ado has been made about the inclusion of rules engines within modern BPM suites, but all rules engines aren’t created equal. Some rules engines are similar in concept to what used to be commonly called “expert systems” and are as a result both more powerful and more complex than the rules engines that are simply …

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