Five Symptoms That Indicate You Need a Low-code Platform

Ignoring business symptoms can be costly in terms of cost overrun or missed opportunities. Here are five symptoms that indicate your organization needs to consider a Low-code platform for application development. Have you ever wondered how your doctor addressees your health problems? She listens to your symptoms, diagnoses what troubles you, and then prescribes the […]

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BPM and Low-code – Synergies for Success

Business Process Management (BPM) and Low-code application development are two distinct technologies that have gradually evolved to offer a complimentary set of features and capabilities. While some features are common among BPM and Low-code, both technologies have their own distinct offerings. Some technology vendors offer BPM and Low-code in a single platform. This allows the

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Get High on Low-code

Few weeks back at a college re-union of sorts, I met an old friend, Prashant, who is now a General Manager at a large 100-year-old brick and mortar company. While we had kept in touch occasionally, it was during that evening we could catch-up on a variety of topics including the good old college days,

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