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The Appian AppMarket – A BPM Game Changer

When Appian AppMarket was unveiled the public on October 5th, 2015 it was indeed a game changer within the BPM industry!

“The Appian Platform offers the fastest time-to-solution for the creation and delivery of innovative enterprise applications that integrate enterprise data, process management, native mobility, social collaboration and portable cloud/on-premise hosting. The applications available on the Appian App Market further accelerate deployment times for a variety of application types and uses cases, while the Market’s downloadable components extend the platform’s capabilities through pre-built specialized functions. All applications and components are vetted and approved by Appian prior to availability on the AppMarket” [from Appian’s Official Press Release October 5, 2015]

Princeton Blue Labs Solutions on the Appian AppMarket

Princeton Blue Labs Solutions available on the Appian AppMarket

Now, let’s examine four Princeton Blue Lab solutions that have been certified by Appian’s Center of Excellence, since the inception of the Appian AppMarket in Q3 of 2015.

The Private Wealth Management Client On-Boarding (PWM) application facilitates banks and financial institutions with a state-of the-art, fully customizable & scalable application for better serving the evolving needs of their clients.
*Appian Featured
*Officially Appian Certified
*Appian Cloud Approved

Princeton Blue’s Private Wealth Management (PWM) Solution on Appian AppMarket

The Project Demand Management (PDM) application focuses on the three key critical components for effectively implementing a project: planning, managing and execution. By enabling higher effective project integrity assessment, scheduling, resource management, and monitoring, this solution ensures a business is simultaneously promoting and managing the right strategic mix of projects.
*Officially Appian Certified
*Appian Cloud Approved

Princeton Blue’s Product Demand Management (PDM) Solution on Appian AppMarket

    • Financial Functions Appian Plug-In

The Finance Functions Appian Plug-In exposes commonly used corporate finance functions to Appian designers. Functions included: Break Even Point, Cash Flow, Compound Interest, Future Value, Current Ratio, Gross Margin, Interest Coverage Ratio, Inventory Turnover Ratio, Market to Book Ratio, P/E Ratio, Present Value, Quick Ratio, Risk Premium, return on Equity Ratio, Return on Investment, Total Debt Ratio.
*Appian Cloud Approved
*Comprehensive Finance based features

Princeton Blue’s Financial Functions Plug-In on Appian AppMarket

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