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Today, just hiring world-class talent is not the game changer for any business. This talent needs to be motivated, engaged and competent. It is not the traditional combat of acquiring talent, it is simply developing your talent strategically, on the basis of your organizational goals and vision.

Understanding Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning with a difference | Princeton Blue

Workplace learning has a new face altogether. Gone are the days of traditional learning architectures, which included classroom learning sessions, or technology based learning programs. Knowledge assessments and certifications are growing to become more important, purely because of their agility. The trend is rapidly moving towards real-time knowledge sharing across hierarchies. Learning from team based activities, peer to peer learning, or through social collaboration is proving to be the most effective learning mechanism, and this is making learning more continuous, instant and portable. With demanding workplace dynamics, and fast paced thinking abilities of our employees; scheduled classes and online training programs will soon become fewer. Instead, information sharing or informal coaching by peer communities, activity based experiential learning, or game simulations will take over, thereby promoting anytime learning.

It is important to understand and emphasize the fact that Continuous learning is the only way to manage change. We, as a company have a holistic approach towards how learning must take place, and also understand the indefinite power of learning at workplace. Thus, we are working towards creating a learning environment, which is more real, real-time, and continuous. Most people believe that workplace learning for an employee starts on day one, and diminishes with time spent in the organization. We believe it to be the other way around. Workplace learning undoubtedly starts on day one, however, considering the rate at which information is changing, learning becomes more proactive, substantial, and an ongoing approach for the employee as time passes.


The demand for learning is equally an employee’s responsibility, as much as it is the organizations’.

In the attempt to build an approachable learning environment, we have created easily accessible knowledge repositories for quick reference, have regular knowledge sharing sessions among employees – by employees, thereby ensuring that we are able to tap the wisdom of the group. Whether or not the project demands, we foster and promote cross technology training and certifications to ensure learning across boundaries. Most importantly, we ensure that there are plenty of additional opportunities to practice newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Another important aspect of learning is to measure its effectiveness on business metrics. Just like every action has a reaction, it is almost mission critical to measure the positive impact of learning on your business. Considering the power of social media, learning effectiveness has the ability to get highlighted, and be visible to the external world, especially to your customers. Which in turn has the potential to give a boost to your credentials. For instance, our A score for Appian, which is measured basis overall score of our Appian Consultants on their Learnings, Project experience, Certifications, and contribution to forums, is one of the highest among other Appian partners, which definitely sets us apart from our competition. Few other ways of measuring learning effectiveness are – Customer satisfaction scores, deal win rate, product quality rate, employee connect scores, and overall productivity to name a few.

Continuous learning is a part of our work culture, and we have redefined it using the contemporary ways of acquiring skills and knowledge. It works, try and redefine yours!

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